Abergeldie Harker Changes Name

Harker Underground Limited was established in 1988 and became one of New Zealand’s most respected tunnelling and micro-tunnelling companies.  Abergeldie Complex Infrastructure, one of Australia’s leading water, road, rail, bridge, underground, energy and remediation contractors (www.abergeldie.com)  purchased the equipment and business of Harker Underground Construction Limited and renamed it Abergeldie Harker Limited on 01 March 2017.

On 31 January 2019, Abergeldie Harker officially changed its name to Abergeldie Complex Infrastructure.

Abergeldie is now a leading utility tunnelling and micro-tunnelling company in New Zealand and Australia developing, constructing and maintaining underground infrastructure for the water, energy, mining and transport sectors using tunnelling and other trenchless technologies.

Recently, in a joint venture with Italian tunnelling company Ghella, Abergeldie was selected as the preferred contractor for the $1.2 billion (NZD) Central Interceptor project by Auckland water authority, Watercare. The Central Interceptor will run for 13 kilometres from Western Springs to a new pump station at the Māngere Wastewater Treatment Plant. It will be Auckland’s largest wastewater tunnel at 4.5 metres diameter and the biggest wastewater project ever to be undertaken in New Zealand.

This name change signals the full integration of the Abergeldie businesses in New Zealand and Australia which will allow Abergeldie to deliver a broader service offering to assist our clients build better communities in both countries.  It will also provide a wider range of opportunities to our employees.

Enquiries with respect to this Press Release please contact Sandra Hewi on +61 2 8717 7777.

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