Did you know about our ASTT Award?

Abergeldie Watertech (formerly Kembla Watertech), in partnership with our client, Sydney Water  was awarded the Australian Society of Trenchless Technology’s 2012 Project of the Year Award for the rehabilitation of a 23.5 m deep, 67 m length of oviform sewer main in Victoria Street, Darlinghurst. This project was considered one of the highest risk installations of structural liner ever conducted worldwide due to the depths and thickness of the liner.

The project was completed using our Reinforced CIPP lining installation method.

Victoria Street, Darlinghurst is the second busiest road in Kings Cross, and runs parallel to Darlinghurst Road, Sydney’s Mecca of nightclubs, restaurants and hostels.

Sydney Water contracted Kembla Watertech (now Abergeldie Watertech) in 2009 to rehabilitate this sewer which was constructed over 100 years ago. It was then a three year process of research and development to find a product to meet design requirements for relining this large diameter (990 x 660 mm), very deep sewer main.

The design process found that a 29.5 mm wall thickness reinforced cured-in-place pipe (CIPP) liner was required to meet design standards commonly adopted for oviform shaped pipelines. The very thick liner was installed at this location to cater for long term loads applied by the potentially high water table on the deep large diameter main.

Given the busy location of the project, sewer bypass arrangements were quite complex and involved installing a system of submersible pumps within the sewer system that would cater for the flow. Wet weather threatened the installation but the bypass was installed 24 hours prior to the liner installation and a full days trial confirmed that the bypass well and truly catered for the incoming sewer flows. A total bypass distance of over 800 m for 2 x 6 inch hoses powered by a system of submersible 6 inch booster pumps and generators easily catered for the flows.

Total time on site was seven days of continuous day and night shifts. Working at night has the potential for high impact to residents and local stakeholders; however, community members were consulted early and in detail about the expected impacts of this project. As a result, no complaints were received by Sydney Water regarding noise and the project received two separate compliments regarding project communication and reduction of community impacts.

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