Energy Estate and Abergeldie Complex Infrastructure collaborate on hydrogen production and storage to accelerate the energy transition in Australia

Energy Estate and Abergeldie Complex Infrastructure have signed a Memorandum of Understanding to collaborate on opportunities for 24/7 delivery of green hydrogen, e-fuels and e-chemicals across Energy Estate’s extensive portfolio of over 30GW of large-scale decarbonisation projects.  

Integrating green hydrogen production and storage will help balance intermittent renewable energy supplies and enable the delivery on a 24/7 basis to ammonia, e-fuel and other hydrogen derivative production facilities. As part of the collaboration the parties will work together to encourage new investment into the green hydrogen sector in NSW and other States in Australia.

The first integrated green hydrogen and storage project to be advanced is the Hunter Hydrogen Network developed by Energy Estate and its partner Eurus Energy. This is a proposed 1.6GW hydrogen production project in the Hunter Valley coupled with to be delivered via a shared, dedicated hydrogen pipeline to the Port of Newcastle and other strategic locations in the Hunter.

“Strategically optimised hydrogen production and storage is the next level of sophistication for the delivery of lowest cost hydrogen. Our vision is to create hydrogen corridors to produce, store and deliver hydrogen in the most cost effective and efficient way to foster local and export markets for green hydrogen and derivative products.” said Simon Currie, Co-Founder of Energy Estate. 

“We are delighted to deepen our collaboration with an Australian owned business with a storage technology critical to the advancement of the hydrogen economy. This collaboration that will be important in informing the continued development of our portfolio of hydrogen projects” said Simone O’Sullivan, director of decarbonisation at Energy Estate.

“Abergeldie Complex Infrastructure is looking forward to collaborating with Energy Estate on green hydrogen projects. Abergeldie established Ardent Underground in 2019 to repurpose our world leading blind boring technology so as develop safe, cost-effective, large scale and replicable hydrogen storage” said Mick Boyle Abergeldie Founder and Executive Chairman

David Bentley, General Manager, Ardent Underground said “We have developed a unique hydrogen storage technology and are fully supported by Abergeldie’s proven track record of delivering complex infrastructure. Locally, we are already seeing significant opportunities for the optimisation of large-scale renewal hydrogen production and storage projects. Ardent Underground is looking forward to working with the Energy Estate and Abergeldie collaboration to accelerate the transition to green hydrogen”.


Abergeldie Complex Infrastructure

David Bentley

General Manager, Energy

M: +61447 612 842


Energy Estate

Simone O’Sullivan

Director of Decarbonisation

M: +61 448 770 364


About H2N

Energy Estate and Eurus Energy are developing the Hunter Hydrogen Network (H2N), backbone infrastructure and core projects drawing on the existing industrial ecosystem of the Hunter and delivering competitively priced hydrogen and derivative products through and from the Hunter Valley.  It will be Australia’s first “hydrogen valley” and will involve large-scale electrolysers in the Upper Hunter and a 120km dedicated hydrogen pipeline through the Hunter Valley.  It will be supported by large-scale renewable energy generation from the Renewable Energy Zones in NSW and will enable downstream production facilities for various derivative productions (e.g. Ammonia, e-fuels, methanol, liquid hydrogen etc), located in the lower Hunter Valley.

Having completed an initial scoping study for H2N, Energy Estate, with its collaboration partners, is continuing its development activity and preparing to undertake a feasibility study for the delivery of competitively priced hydrogen and derivative products in the Hunter. 

About Energy Estate

Energy Estate’s mission is to accelerate the transformation of the energy sector and decarbonisation of industry. Since its formation in 2018, it has built a reputation for innovation and delivery, including co-developing over 30GW of large-scale decarbonisation projects, across onshore and offshore wind, solar, long duration energy storage, hydrogen production and electricity and hydrogen infrastructure. Energy Estate is a passionate advocate of Australia and New Zealand becoming renewable energy superpowers and is committed to delivering net zero outcomes, robust local supply chains and enduring benefits for local communities and traditional owners.

About Abergeldie Complex Infrastructure

Abergeldie is an Australian owned civil engineering contractor with 30 years’ experience in delivering projects in the infrastructure, rail and transport, utilities and energy sectors in Australia and New Zealand. Abergeldie provides the complex infrastructure needed to build better communities.  In the renewable energy sector Abergeldie applies its extensive experience and unique capabilities to large scale energy storage including pumped hydro, compressed air, gravity and other energy storage systems, enabling the transition to 100% renewable energy. Abergeldie is the major shareholder of Ardent Underground which has been developing Hydrogen Storage technology since 2019. Ardent Underground provides safe, large-scale, compressed hydrogen storage using existing shaft construction technology and capability of Abergeldie.

About Ardent Underground

Ardent Underground provides the missing link to a green hydrogen future. Established in 2019, Ardent Underground provides large scale storage of compressed hydrogen in purposely constructed deep shafts, safely and securely storing hydrogen (and other gases) below ground. These large-scale compressed hydrogen storage solutions are safe, replicable, scalable and cost effective.

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About Abergeldie

Abergeldie is a civil engineering contractor with over 25 years’ experience providing services in the utilities, energy and infrastructure sectors: the complex infrastructure needed to build better communities.

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