Our Climate Change Policy

Abergeldie is a member of Sustainable Business Australia and for the last two years has been voted in the top 10 Corporate Social Responsibility companies in Australia. We understand and accept the science of climate change and the impact it is having on our communities. We foresee the economic sense and prudent business case for Abergeldie to be part of a planned transition from fossil fuel to renewable based power generation and storage.

The process of changing carbon from a solid form (such as coal and wood) to a gaseous form (such as carbon monoxide or carbon dioxide) increases the earth’s temperature and affects our climate. Gaseous carbon emissions created from burning coal in coal-fired power stations are a major contributor to the process of climate change happening in the world today. This is leading to adverse effects on our natural environment and our rural and urban communities.

We believe placing a price on the production of gaseous carbon pollution, and creating incentives for holding and maintaining solid form carbon, such as coal and trees, is the most fair and efficient way of transitioning to cleaner energy production methods. The change will take some time and planning must include assisting the communities reliant on working in coal mining today.

Abergeldie Complex Infrastructure understands that mining is essential to many of our current industries and innovative product ideas. Abergeldie works in the mining sector and has developed world-leading shaft drilling technology, blind boring, which enables us to deliver the safest mine shaft construction method in the world. Abergeldie has historically provided numerous shafts for coal mines.

As part of our plan to look beyond coal mining, Abergeldie is researching and investing in developing our shaft sinking expertise for use in energy storage, waste disposal, road and rail infrastructure and sewage treatment. We are also improving the efficiency of our drilling method in the harder rock typically found around metalliferous mines. During our transition Abergeldie will continue to provide our shaft drilling expertise to existing high quality coal producing and mining regions around Australia. Abergeldie will not be pursuing opportunities at coal mines in regions that do not currently produce coal, nor will we participate in unconventional gas projects such as those accessing coal seam gases.


Mick Boyle
Executive Chairman
Abergeldie Complex Infrastructure Pty Ltd

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