Tunnels and Shafts

Providing the complex infrastructure needed to build better communities


Multi-disciplinary tunnelling and shafts projects

World-leading blind boring technology, tunnel Boring Machine and micro-tunnelling capabilities, cut and cover, three-pin arches, and tunnel restoration.

Tunnel Boring Machine in shaft about to drill tunnel
Burrows Road Tunnel
Tunnel Boring Machine in Shaft at Kalkallo Sewer Main
Kalkallo Creek Trunk Sewer Main Stage 1
Dendrobium Vent Shaft aerial view of site
Dendrobium Ventilation Shafts
Blind boring rig drilling on mine site
Austar Ventilation Shaft
Birds view of bllind bore drill rig onsite
Integra Ventilation Shaft
Fortrose Sewer Trunk Shaft
Innovative thinking

World leading technology

Abergeldie Energy is adapting our world-leading methods and innovations for a more sustainable future. Utilising our expertise in constructing large blind bored shafts, Abergeldie is repurposing the blind boring method to store hydrogen. 

Why we are different

Approaching Project Delivery with a Collaborative Mindset

At Abergeldie, we collaborate with the client to achieve a high quality outcome. In working together, we ensure that the client’s needs are met regardless of project complexity. We offer innovative solutions to challenges with a forward thinking, collaborative approach.

Tunnel Boring Machine being set up in shaft
Specialty Experience

Abergeldie fleet of tunnel boring machines

The Abergeldie Tunnel Boring Machine (TBM) fleet caters for a broad range of geological conditions from soft ground Earth Pressure Balance Machines (EPBMs), to mixed ground slurry machines capable of tunnelling through running sand and hard rock or gripper/main beam TBMs for hard rock conditions.

Safety Culture

We Care About Getting Everyone Home Safely Everyday

At Abergeldie, getting everyone home safely is our first priority. Our safety culture is about putting people first - clients, subcontractors and the wider community and keeping everyone safe. Our safety procedures and policies are driven by our people and their dedication to ensuring everyone gets home safely everyday.

Kathryn and Shinji at a Possession