Making sure everyone goes home safely everyday

Fostering a good safety culture

A good safety culture is about reaching a common goal and making sure everyone goes home safely everyday. Safety is everyone's responsibility and goes beyond protocols and procedures, it's about the people and their passion to keep each other safe.


Collaborating to achieve high quality outcomes


We believe safety is everyone's responsibility. Our ongoing safety initiatives and training ensure that everyone goes home safely everyday.


We believe that encouraging everyone to wanting to do better will foster a culture for improvement. Safety can always be improved.


We engage with our workforce to ensure our safety culture is maintained and to encourage everyone to speak up.


We want to ensure individuals are recognised for their achievements and for their dedication to ensuring everyone goes home safely everyday.

We offer in-house training and accreditations to our workforce.

Abergeldie has a third-party co-agreement with a Registered Training Organisation (RTO), allowing Abergeldie to train and assess workers in accordance with the Australian Qualification Framework (AQF), relevant training packages, industry expectations while meeting Federal and State Legislation requirements.

We have developed a set of 'Life-Saving Rules' to make sure everyone goes home safely.

We continue to work with our workforce to develop and implement safety initiatives that help everyone go home safely everyday.