A Proud ASTT Award Win for New Technology

The Australasian Society for Trenchless Technology (ASTT) presented their annual awards at the No Dig Gala Dinner on 10 September 2015.

Abergeldie Watertech came away from the night with the New Technology Award for its innovative Abergeldie Spray Lining system, a new product introduced into Abergeldie Watertech’s portfolio in early 2015.

“Abergeldie has worked in partnership with 3M to introduce this new spray lining system to Australia,” explained Chris Frangos, Abergeldie’s Watertech’s Spray Lining and Business Development Manager. “It’s a versatile, very effective, trenchless system for renewal of water mains.”

“We would like to thank Yarra Valley Water for the important part they have played in this initiative. They were the first to trial the new technology, under their ongoing water mains infrastructure renewal program.”

Applied using a spin cast method, the product economically extends pipe service life, reduces leaks and improves water quality. It also reduces the need for disruptive open trench excavation by up to 80 per cent.

The Abergeldie Spray Lining system is based on 3M’s Scotchkote Liner 2400, a rapid-setting polyurea that addresses many of the shortcomings of previous generations of epoxy-based spray-in-place linings. It is environmentally friendly, being both bisphenol-A and VOC-free along with a low carbon footprint.

resistant lining that also can provide structural enhancement to the host pipe, extending its effective life by 50 years or more. The lining may be applied to ductile iron, cast iron, cement mortar lined ductile/cast iron, PVC and asbestos cement pipe. setting feature of the product means minimal disruption and quick return to service.

The overall improvements in environmental and community benefits are significant enough to be worthy of the 2015 ASTT New Technology Award.

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