Blasts in the Valley, Brisbane

Tasked with constructing a basement in the ultra-urban Fortitude Valley, QLD, Delta Group has engaged Abergeldie to provide blasting services as part of its construction.

Drilling and blasting will be carried out strictly in accordance with workplace health and safety requirements and local authority requirements to blast approximately 18,500 bcm of in-situ material to aid in the construction of the underground basement.

“The blasting we are carrying out is complex and requires extensive engineering and planning to execute well. However, we have conducted extensive testing and evaluation in order to optimise the blast results whilst also ensuring that works do not impact surrounding structures (which include two nearly 100 year old heritage listed buildings) businesses or people. In such an urban environment safety is the absolute priority,” says Grant Schultz, Abergeldie’s Underground Operations Manager.

The finished basement will be 2800m2 and will reside 10.5m below ground. Abergeldie’s blasting team have engineered a blast plan that will provide the excavation profile required by Delta. The first of seven blast events was completed successfully at 6:30am on Saturday the 23rd of May. Blasting is scheduled for completion in mid-June 2015.

Blast one, loaded and ready to fire with blast mats and weights in place.

Blast one, loaded and ready to fire with blast mats and weights in place.

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