Enabling the transition to dependable, renewable energy

As the world transitions to more renewable sources of energy, there is a need for robust and reliable facilities to support its creation, storage and transfer. At Abergeldie we leverage our experience and expertise to deliver large-scale energy storage transitions that are paving the way for a more sustainable future - including gravity storage, hydraulic storage, pumped hydro, and ardent underground hydrogen storage.

Our Energy Storage Solutions

Gravity Storage

> 100MW – 200MWhrs

This type of solution is ideal for short-term storage (0-90 mins) and can deliver maximum power (100MW - 100MWhrs) in a short time. Utilising our expertise in the construction of large blind bored shafts, a heavy mass is suspended in an enclosed shaft, which stores potential energy. When energy is required to firm and stabilise energy networks, a mass can be dropped to convert the potential energy of the suspected mass via a generator and delivering synchronised electrical energy to a network. When the renewable energy is plentiful, the mass is again lifted to its charge position ready for the next cycle. 

  • Fast discharge and recharging 
  • Ideal solution for fast support to network instability
  • No degradation in capacity / output over repeated charging / discharging cycles

Hydraulic storage

> 100MW – 200MWhrs

This tailored solution can be adapted for fast discharge over short or longer periods (1-24 hours) and can deliver 100MW – 200MWhrs. Utilising our expertise in constructing blind bored shafts, a large piston and cylinder is constructed underground. From its charged position, potential energy of the piston at the top of the shaft forces water through a turbine which is connected to a generator supporting the electrical network when renewable energy cannot meet system requirements. 

  • Medium term support for networks and micro grids
  • Provides longer duration outputs, fits between gravity storage and pumped hydro
  • No degradation in capacity / output over repeated charging / discharging cycles
  • Provides similar advantages to pumped hydro however is site independent

Pumped Hydro

>100MW / >1GWhrs

Our pumped hydro energy system is our largest storage system, providing hundreds of megawatts (>100MW/>1GWhrs) over many hours to days (1-10 days). This system uses the potential energy stored in a large reservoir at an elevated position. When energy is required, water is released from the elevated storage via a turbine that produces electrical energy. When energy is plentiful, the process is reversed, and water is returned to the upper storage ready for the next cycle.

  • Long-term high-power support for networks and micro grids
  • Provides grid stability and inertia over hours to days
  • No degradation in capacity / output over repeated charging / discharging cycles
  • High cycle efficiency.

Ardent Underground Hydrogen Storage

Abergeldie has partnered with ITP Thermal to establish Ardent Underground Pty Ltd. Through this partnership, we provide economical and safe underground hydrogen gas storage tanks. Utilising Abergeldie’s world leading blind boring methods, economical hydrogen storage is the missing link in the carbon neutral future promised by the green hydrogen transition.