Our Leadership

The Board

Our Board oversees the overall strategic direction and governance at Abergeldie.

Photo of Mick Boyle
Executive Chairman
Photo of Robin Craig
Board Member
Photo of Ian Neal
Non-Executive Director

The Executive Team

Our Executive Team led by our Chief Executive Officer Mark Bruzzone is focused on the strategic and operational aspects of our business that help us to build better communities, supporting our clients, project teams and functional teams.

Photo of Mark Bruzzone
Chief Executive Officer
Photo of David Wood
Chief Finance Officer
Photo of James Davies
Chief Operating Officer
Photo of Stephen Gasson
Executive General Manager
Photo of Mark Whelan
Executive General Manager
Photo of Travis McBride
General Counsel
Photo of Janelle Owen
General Manager, People and Culture
Photo of Melissa Pollock
General Manager, Health and Safety
Photo of Claudio Garrido
General Manager, Precontracts
Photo of Sarah Roach
General Manager, Commercial
Photo of Alastair Blackler
General Manager, NZ
Photo of John Saleh
General Manager, Water NSW
Photo of Rob McEwen
General Manager, Pipeline Renewals
Photo of Michael McCaffrey
General Manager, QLD
Photo of David Koo
General Manager, Rail
Photo of Nicola Wallace
General Manager, Environment and Sustainability