Building better communities for 30 years

Abergeldie Complex Infrastructure was established in 1994 by its co-founders, Mick Boyle and Robin Craig, driven by a dedicated mission to build better communities. From humble beginnings the company has grown and expanded to become one of the leading civil engineering contractors in Australia.

Innovative from the outset

From humble beginnings in Sydney, Abergeldie has grown steadily, expanding its operational presence across the expanse of Australia and New Zealand, and now employs over 700 skilled professionals. Ingenuity, innovation and determined attention to project planning and management have built our reputation as a leading contractor with a diverse range of capabilities. From constructing iconic bridges and roads that connect communities to water and wastewater asset reliability, dam safety upgrades and capital infrastructure projects in regional and metropolitan areas to multidisciplinary rail projects, complex tunnels and shafts and energy storage solutions that enable the transition to renewable energy, Abergeldie's reach extends far and wide and transforms communities.

Our approach is underpinned by the application of professional engineering and management standards akin to those of major industry players. Yet, we maintain a unique culture characterised by collaboration, accessibility, and adaptability, allowing us to adapt seamlessly to the diverse needs and distinctive requirements of both clients and the broader community.