Stakeholder and Community Engagement

Abergeldie collaborates with clients, partners and the community to achieve the best possible results for all of our projects. For over 25 years, we have delivered projects across a wide variety of sectors including: tunnelling, bridge, water and transport infrastructure as well as rehabilitation and network improvements in both regional and urban areas. Although each project has different requirements, at Abergeldie we take a no-surprises approach through close collaboration to deliver high-quality work. Abergeldie delivers the complex infrastructure needed to build better communities.

We took a deeper look into the way that we have achieved high-quality stakeholder management and community engagement across a variety of industry sectors, in both regional and urban areas.

Consultation before Delivery

Early consultation with major stakeholders is critical to our no-surprises approach. Inclusivity and transparency from contract award, or prior, provide clarity from inception that ultimately assists in seamless communication for the duration of the project. In addition to founding early relationships, consultation before delivery enables the team to identify challenges early and reach resolutions quickly.

Bulimba Trunk Main Sewer Upgrade

Investing to upgrade Brisbane’s sewerage network, the Bulimba Creek Trunk Stage 2 Sewer Upgrade involves installing a 4.25km gravity trunk sewer between Wecker Road, Mansfield and Settlers Street, Carindale, with 3.6km being installed using trenchless technology. Abergeldie Obayashi (AOJV)

Managing Potential Public Inconvenience

AOJV worked on a 24-hour schedule six (6) days a week in close proximity to residential areas where mitigating noise was of utmost importance. Understanding the possible impact on the community allowed AOJV and Urban Utilities to develop an appropriate noise reduction solution that significantly decreased the inconvenience. The team installed large noise walls with large noise gates as well as Encapsulating Noise Reduction equipment that worked together to divert the noise. Community feedback during and at the end of the project confirmed that this solution was highly successful. Read more. 

Noise Protection

Sewer Rehabilitation

Our Rehabilitation team operates with over 25 years’  experience working in and around residential areas to rehabilitate network assets. Rehabilitation works requires our team  to access  residents’ backyards and close collaboration with clients, partners and residents  prior  and during project delivery is critical for achieving a high-quality outcome. Communication between our team and residents ensures everyone feels safe during the works and delivery, particularly when the works is undertaken close to their homes. Community engagement includes door-to-door knocking which provides the community a person of contact. At this touch point, we carefully explain what the resident can expect and work through any unique access requirements. Residents are able to ask questions  about  the  work, how it may impact them as well as any other concerns they may have. Recent feedback from a resident includes:

“...early in the morning of 3 November when I was out walking my dog along Loius Street.  I stopped to talk to him so I could understand more about the work being performed and its potential impact (or not) on my property.  He listened well and explained clearly what was happening and showed me his maps so I could see for myself. He was committed to helping me understand, although I realise that was probably not his job. I just wanted to make sure this was recognised as a real value add!” [comment about Aaron Bamford, QLD crew member]
Three men in front of an Abergeldie ute

[Left to Right] Aaron Bamford, Mark Jones, Michael De Vera

Managing Working on Residential Properties During COVID

Abergeldie  understands the responsibility we have to  ensure  residents  feel  safe at all times. We  are committed  to continuing to provide essential works for the community during  COVID-19. During this time,  additional  measures and increased communication with our stakeholders and the wider community  is implemented  to  ensure  the safety of our crew and the community. To communicate these measures, our team developed a Community Flyer that outlines these measures and where they can find  additional  information. This transparency has proven highly successful in complementing our no-surprises approach.

Traffic Control Management

In 2019, Abergeldie established an in-house traffic management department. Working closely with each team, we have been able to self-perform traffic control services at Newcastle Supercars, Fowlers Road to Fairwater Drive, Parramatta Boardwalk as well as a number of sewer rehabilitation projects working along residential streets.

Parramatta Boardwalk

Abergeldie and Parramatta City Council are working together to deliver the Parramatta River Boardwalk, a river-level escarpment boardwalk along the river. Located opposite of the Parramatta River Wharf, the three-metre wide boardwalk will provide a much-needed link to Parramatta Valley Cycleway, connecting Parramatta Park to Melrose Park through completely off-road facilities. 

Abergeldie is collaborating with the council to ensure disruptions are kept to a minimum by offering in-house traffic controllers to divert traffic and pedestrians, keeping parking spots open for those who need it and keeping the council up to date with anything that might impact the local community. Read more.

A crane lowering a concrete beam onto the Paramatta boardwalk

Waterfall Enabling Works

Abergeldie was engaged by Transport for NSW (TfNSW) to deliver the Waterfall Enabling Works project. This project has delivered critical rail infrastructure works at Waterfall in preparation for major construction as part of the More Trains, More Services program. 

Abergeldie engaged with TfNSW to gain a well-rounded understanding of the project stakeholder management requirements and were able to develop and implement a stakeholder management plan in collaboration with the client. The project team worked closely with key stakeholder groups and the community in a proactive and transparent way to understand their individual needs and concerns. The team was proactive in their approach, collaborating with the client to achieve the best possible outcome. Read more.

Camp Street Bridge Replacement

Abergeldie was engaged as head contractor to replace the main road bridge and pedestrian bridge over Lake Forbes. The project involved the complete demolition of both bridges and the construction of one new larger bridge comprising pedestrian and cyclist path.

 The community was highly engaged with this project as the community benefits of a widened bridge are multiple for both locals and freight. Upon completion, a community bridge opening was held which involved a Smoking Ceremony, various speeches and cutting of the ribbon. Abergeldie is currently working with a local Aboriginal artist who is developing artwork that will stand to represent Abergeldie’s reconciliation journey.

Camp Street Bridge Opening

Balwanth Kondakindi, Ben Hagens and William Coady at the bridge opening

Community Engagement

Our community engagement goes beyond our no-surprises approach to stakeholder management and we are thrilled to work with so many that genuinely care about building better communities. Recently, we mobilised in Maude, NSW where our team has taken the initiative to participate in a local charity rally to raise funds for regional health services. This is one of the many ways that our teams get involved with their communities to help where needed. Read more.

The Abergeldie Rally car ready

Rally Car ready for this weekend

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