Dewatering and Aeration Upgrades at the Merrimac Treatment Plant

City of Gold Coast
In progress

Abergeldie has been engaged by City of Gold Coast to provide essential upgrades and various operational improvements at the Merrimac Waste Water Treatment Plant (WWTP) as part of an overall long-term asset management strategy and to increase the capacity to cater for increased flows and a rapidly explaining population.

Scope of works 

The project combines the following projects for efficient delivery of the Works:

  • Merrimac WWTP New Dewatering Facilities inclusive off;
    • Waste Activated Sludge (WAS) Break Tank
    • WAS Thickening System
    • WAST Dewatering System
    • Outloading System
    • High Voltage & Low Voltage Works
    • System’s Controls
  • Merrimac WWTP Stage 4 and 5 Bioreactors Aeration Header Upgrades

The delivery works include civil, mechanical, electrical and process engineering, design, management, and construction to deliver the upgrades.

Working collaboratively to overcome challenges

Abergeldie has been working collaboratively to design and plan the works under the contract. The positive collaborative culture between Abergeldie, our delivery partners, and City of Gold Coast is ensuring challenges are identified and addressed efficiently and input into the design and process is provided to help mitigate costs and delays.

Environmental Management

Environmental controls have been put in place to mitigate the impact of the works on the environment. All materials disturbed onsite are deemed to be PFAS-contaminated and are being managed and disposed of in the appropriate manner.

Community benefits

The upgrades at the Merrimac Treatment Plant upgrade will improve the reliability and efficiency of the treatment plant and cater for future population growth.