Eastern Creek Roadworks

Transport for NSW
2021 - 2022

cut and fill earthworks


road upgrade extension


four-lane dual carriageway


two-lane dual carriageway

Abergeldie successfully completed the Eastern Creek Roadworks project for TfNSW, addressing the evolving traffic needs arising from the expansion of the Western Sydney Employment Area. This complex project encompassed the enhancement and extension of Archbold Road, stretching from the Great Western Highway in Minchinbury to Old Wallgrove Road in Eastern Creek, as well as the enabling works for Sydney Metro West.

Scope of works

The works included:

  • Excavation of 300,000m3 of earth for two precast yard earth pads spanning 17ha.
  • Intersection modification at Lenore Drive and Archbold Road, including stormwater adjustments, lighting enhancements, median enhancements, right-turn bays, bus lanes, and new traffic signals.
  • Construction of a new 290m four-lane dual carriageway (Archbold Road) and a 180m two-lane dual carriageway (Western Access Road).
  • Development of shared pathways along Lenore Drive and Archbold Road.
  • Creation of detention and retention basins for each precast yard.
  • Installation of a 900mm diameter culvert and a 300m open drain.
  •  Relocation of Sydney Water main on Lenore Drive.
  • Establishment of service routes for utilities on Archbold Road, including gas, communications, low voltage, stormwater, water main, and NBN.
  • Execution of fencing and landscaping projects.
  • Management of contaminated materials.

Collaborative approach to project delivery

The Eastern Creek Roadworks project was managed under a GC21 contract framework. The project team exhibited a spirit of collaboration and maintained open communication with the client, ensuring the successful achievement of key project objectives and milestones.

Meticulous staging plans helped to minimise traffic disruptions and maintain regular traffic flows during the reconfiguration and signalisation of Lenore Drive and Archbold Road. With high-impact activities scheduled during evening hours.

Extensive environmental controls were put in place to mitigate the impact on nearby waterways whilst open excavations occurred. Clean water drains were constructed around elevated sections of the site to redirect water, while numerous dirty water drains and temporary retention basins were created to effectively manage substantial rainfall events.

An important upgrade in a growth area

The upgrade and extension of Archbold Road has significantly improved connectivity between the Great Western Highway and Old Wallgrove Road, enabling access to the Western Sydney Employment Area and neighbouring residential suburbs. Despite delays caused by the impact of COVID-19, the project was successfully adapted to a tight delivery schedule. Several design refinements were also undertaken to enhance the project's cost efficiency. The team's collaborative relationship with the client enabled the prioritisation of key areas for handover, reducing program risk, and facilitating the identification of valuable engineering solutions as opportunities arose. Given the limited size of the Aboriginal Heritage Impact Permit zone relative to the project area, the team adjusted the earthworks design to carefully work around these areas. Working with an Aboriginal Heritage Archaeological Consultant, numerous Aboriginal artefacts were preserved.