Hunter Valley Track Reconditioning and Earthworks FY22+

Australian Rail Track Corporation
In progress

Following the successful completion of the Hunter Valley Track Formation Package of work for 2019-2021, Abergeldie was again selected by the ARTC to deliver its Hunter Valley Track Reconditioning and Earthworks FY22+ package. This package includes rail track formation and reconditioning, level crossing upgrades, and associated works. The works will improve the rail network, enhancing efficiency, capacity, and safety across the network.

Scope of works

The works include:

  • Rail maintenance, including removal, replacement, and rerailing culvert renewal.
  • Excavation, reconditioning, and resurfacing support for track formation. 
  • Survey set out, validation survey, and geotechnical works for accurate planning.
  • Signalling adjustments and seamless reconnection, testing, and certification of track and signals infrastructure. 
  • Efficient spoil management, removal, and general corridor improvements. 
  • Implementation of effective traffic management.
  • Cess drainage.


The works are meticulously planned and carried out during designated possession windows. Strict adherence to railway-specific requirements and standard regulations is required for all works performed.

Proactive safety planning

Our team works collaboratively with ARTC to develop safety plans to ensure the safety of our workers, our client and our partners. Additional plans, including a Continuous Welded Rail (CWR) adjustment plan and a Signalling Inspection Test Plan, are meticulously prepared and submitted to ARTC before the commencement of works, detailing adjustment welds and testing methodologies. A temporary Speed Restriction (TSR) plan is also prepared, outlining temporary signage that will be put in place until sufficient tonnage has passed, and inspections are completed. 

Futureproofing the rail network

These packages of work play a key role in ARTC’s broader works program designed to improve efficiency and safety across the Hunter region's rail network.