Yarra Valley Water Mains Renewals

Yarra Valley Water
In progress

For 23 years, Abergeldie has partnered with Yarra Valley Water (YVW) on water main renewal programs, ensuring a reliable water supply for over two million residents and 58,000 businesses in Melbourne’s northern and eastern suburbs. Abergeldie Water Solutions involvement extends to long-term service, contributing to future planning for capital and maintenance works. 

The current programs of work focus on replacing potable reticulation pipelines, addressing mains that pose a risk to customer supply security, with varying project sizes covering design, construction, commissioning, and permanent reinstatement. 

Scope of works

The works have included: 

  • Design and construction of water reticulation mains using on-line and off-line replacement methods: trenching, directional drilling, pipe cracking, and lining.
  • Supply of materials and provision of permits. 
  • Liaison with stakeholders. 
  • Traffic management.
  • Provision of temporary water supply services for potable and recycled water. 
  • Reinstatement and provision of as-constructed drawings. 
Abergeldie Water Solutions and Yarra Valley Water

Navigating complexities for shared success

Spanning over 4,000 km2 from Wallan in the north to Warburton in the east, YVW’s service area encompasses the ownership and maintenance of more than 20,000km of water and sewer mains. The current programs of work, varying in both size and complexity, range from simpler renewals in outer suburbs to more complex works in densely populated residential areas. 

Our continued success with YVW is centred on consistent delivery and communication. Despite changes to the team throughout the contract, our commitment to training and supervision has ensured the high-quality delivery of all works. Effective stakeholder management has been pivotal in aligning expectations and ensuring our success goes beyond fulfilling a contract - it is about building lasting relationships and exceeding expectations through continuous communication and collaboration.

The works conducted in greenfield and brownfield environments, navigate diverse terrains, geotechnical challenges, and cultural heritage considerations. 

Mitigating impact with innovative techniques

Abergeldie’s PureFlowTM ensures uninterrupted water supply during renewal works by seamlessly connecting to the existing network, allowing decommissioning of sections while maintaining a clean, safe, and reliable source. Temporary limitations are mitigated through innovative design, including line-stop devices and strategic scheduling to minimise customer impacts. 

Ensuring a reliable water supply

The ongoing replacement of water mains in the YVW service area continues to ensure that residents and businesses maintain a reliable water supply.