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Raising London Circuit

Abergeldie has been engaged by the ACT Government to deliver the Raising London Circuit Project. The project will help to better connect the City with the lake and make Canberra a more connected, sustainable and vibrant place to live.



ACT Government


In progress




The project involves raising London Circuit by 6m to form an at-grade, signalised intersection with Commonwealth Avenue.

Key features of the project include:

  • Temporary closure of London Circuit between Edinburgh Avenue and Constitution Avenue;
  • Infilling the London Circuit Road reserve between Edinburgh Avenue and Constitution Avenue, to form embankments from the intersections with those roads to around the existing height of Commonwealth Avenue;
  • Removal of the existing ramps (cloverleaves) to the north-west and south-west of the London Circuit-Commonwealth Avenue interchange, and modification of the existing ramp to the south-east to remove connection with London Circuit and retain connection between Parkes Way and Commonwealth Avenue.
  • Staged closure and demolition of the northbound and southbound Commonwealth Avenue bridges over London Circuit, including infilling the London Circuit road reserve below.
  • Rebuilding London Circuit between Edinburgh Avenue and Commonwealth Avenue and Commonwealth Avenue and Constitution Avenue, including retaining walls;
  • Building a new signalised London Circuit-Commonwealth Avenue intersection, including capacity to accommodate proposed and potential future light rail infrastructure;
  • Provision of active transport infrastructure, utility connections, lighting, street furniture, landscaping and drainage;
  • Ancillary activities including construction compound sites, traffic diversions and traffic management measures; and
  • A temporary sidetrack constructed on part of the permanent embankment works to the east of the existing Commonwealth Avenue, to provide for continued traffic movements northbound and southbound for the duration of construction activities. The sidetrack and parts of the Commonwealth Avenue median would be temporarily paved to provide two traffic lanes, with connections to allow cross-over of traffic between the northbound and southbound traffic lanes and the sidetrack. The sidetrack would include temporary bicycle and pedestrian paths, allowing for safe diversion of pedestrians and cyclists during completion of the works.


Raising London Circuit Sustainability Policy

Alfred Street Bridge, Parramatta. Developed by City of Parramatta Council. Lead Design & Engineering by Bonacci Infrastructure. Architecture by Archipelago. Landscape Design by Lat Studios. Constructed by Abergeldie. Photography by The Guthrie Project. Occupying lands & waters stolen from the Burramattagal People of the Dharug Nation.
Alfred Street Bridge
Eastern Creek Roadworks
Eastern Creek Roadworks
Badgerys Creek new major roundabout2
Enablement works at Badgerys Creek Road and Aerotropolis
Vehicle driving on Vulture Street after completion of the signalised pedestrian crossing
Vulture Street, East Upgrade Signalised Pedestrian Crossing
Cars driving along Schofields Road
Schofields Road Upgrade